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10 Tools Everyone Should Own

and a few others that are good to have around too...

Ty and I both come from DIY families so when we moved into our first house we either had or had access to a lot of tools. But as I’m talking to more and more people about general home maintenance and repair, I’ve come to realize not everyone has a tool box at home, some of my friends don’t even own a hammer… how is that possible? How do you do stuff?

Does anyone else remember on Friends when Rachael hired a handyman to baby proof her apartment? That’s a real thing. A lot of people don’t know how to do the simplest tasks around their house. It blows my mind.

Save money and your sanity. Fill your tool box with these 10 items and you will be well on your way to doing more yourself and saving money in the process!

Screwdriver Set

  • Get a set with a variety of sizes or one handle with multiple bits
  • Use to change outlet covers, install cabinet knobs or change batteries
  • A good set that will cover most needs will run you about $10


  • A standard bent-claw hammer will work for most jobs
  • Use to hang pictures, assmeble furniture or break stuff
  • There is a huge range in pricing but $20 will get you a good one

Plier Set

  • At least get a set that includes, regular, needlenose and cutting pliers
  • Use to tighten bolts, repair jewelry or snip wires
  • A decent set can get a little pricey, around $50, but worth the extra $

Tape Measure

  • A large, thick tape is easier to use alone
  • Auto-halving is a nice feature if you like things centered
  • $15 will get you a good one but you can find them as low as $1

Utility Knife

  • A large, thick tape is more sturdy and easy to use alone
  • Auto-halving is a nice feature if you like things centered
  • $15 will get you a good one but you can find them as low as $1

Allen Wrench/Hex Key Set

  • Make sure to find a set that offers a large variety of sizes
  • Often used to tighten faucet handles and put together furniture
  • About $10 will get you a good set with multple sizes

Adjustable Wrench

  • Just a few sizes will help you finish most jobs
  • Can be used in the house to hang heavy items like mirrors and T.V.'s
  • A decent starter set will run about $20 but can get a lot more expensive

Stud Finder

  • A simple stud finder the detects stud edges is all you need
  • Don't trust that your studs are 16" locate them individually
  • Prices start around $10 and can go into the hundreds


  • The small "torpedo level" will work for most tasks
  • Handy for hanging art and putting up shelves
  • Cheap is fine here, Go for the $2 version

Painter's Tool

  • Used for scraping, putty knife, opening cans, just about everything
  • The most used tool in my entire garage
  • Under $10, most are about $5

10 Tools
Everyone Should Own

What tools do you find yourself always reaching for? Share your must haves with me below!



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