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Base molding is one design aspect in a home that I feel often gets overlooked. There is kind of a builder’s grade typical style molding that is just fine, nothing fancy, nothing awful, it’s just Meh. There are so many different types of base molding but unless you’re getting really fancy and Victorian style they all kind of feel the same. I mean, It’s a board nailed to the wall near the floor, how unique can you get, right?

Wrong. I knew that I wanted base molding that was unique and modern but I wasn’t finding what I wanted at the hardware store. My natural next step is to turn to Pinterest of course. Everything that I was coming across from searching “base molding” was either pretty basic or super ornate, not what I wanted.

So I stopped looking for base molding at all. I kept it in the back of my head and figured that I would know it when I saw it. And that’s exactly what happened.
This is the picture I came across. It made me stop in my tracks with how beautifully simple it is. Now, we all know how Pinterest works. You see a picture you like and click it and it takes you to the page where the picture originated from. Sometimes the links work and sometimes they don’t. This link worked, unfortunately it’s all in another language and this is the only picture of this on the site.
I think this photo is actually a fire place surround but I really have no idea. Whatever it is, I knew I could replicate it and turn it into some pretty amazing molding. This was the inspiration I was looking for!
  Wouldn’t this make the most stunning door trim?
For now I’m working on the bathroom and trying to think of a way to incorporate this into the base molding and door trim. While standing in the aisles of home depot with about 100 different sized and variations of molding in hand, I was able to pair some together to create a similar trim that was simple, proportionate and beautiful.
Here is the molding I came up with, this picture is even before caulking and paint! I took a 1"x2" trim board and laid it flat and used a standard 1"x3" board vertically on top to create this look. To make the door trim I first installed the 1"x3" board and installed the smaller 1"x2" on its side directly next to it. I wall say this we a little tricky to cut the angles, I would always try to lay the board the wrong way on the saw and I cut a few of the smaller boards vertically rather than horizontal. I finally gave up trying to install both boards together and ended up cutting and installing the smaller board first and going back and finishing with the larger board. 

This molding was double the boards and double the cuts but surprisingly not exactly double the price. These are both simple standard base molding boards. It was less expensive to buy these than it was to buy one board of the super fancy stuff (I'll get an exact price per linear foot next time I'm at Home Depot). 



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