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DIY Built In Dresser

  The rooms in this house are rather small so thinking about having this huge wardrobe and a dresser in the room made me feel claustrophobic. The end goal of this space is for it to become my office which made even less sense to have a dresser in my office.

Once the boxes of the wardrobe were complete and I started filling them with clothing I took note of how I was going to use the space. In the left cabinet I have two hanging rods that take up the entire cabinet so that one is pretty much done. The right cabinet is for my long hanging items like pants and dresses, there is a little room left below the clothes but I haven’t decided what I want to do with that space so it’s going to stay empty for now. Finally we get to the center cabinet. This cabinet holds my sweatshirts and jackets so there is a ton of room left below the clothes which is the perfect space to add a dresser.

Maybe I'll add a
Cat Bed Here. 

The perfect spot for some drawers

Here is the space where my drawers will be. (You can see to door are on the cabinet, YAY!) To ensure the drawers wouldn’t hit the doors and hinges, I started by adding cleats to the side of the wardrobe. Making sure they are level to each other and front to back.
  ​I installed the drawer slides at the bottom of the cleat and made my drawers using the same method as before, which you can find here . Once I had the bottom drawer complete and installed I used a leftover piece of ¾ inch MDF to measure up to my next cleat. I simply laid it on top of the bottom drawer and marked where my next cleat should be. I then installed my next set of cleats. Again, ensuring they are level to each other, front to back and plumb with the front of the first cleats.
I used that same process moving up. The larger drawers would be for bras, socks and underwear and the top two would be for jewelry.  I purposely made the drawers extra shallow because I hate losing things into deep drawers. I don't want to dig for the pair of socks I'm looking for. 
Almost Done! I cut down a piece of wood to cover the cleats on each side and added a final set of cleats for the dresser top to rest on. For the drawer fronts I measure carefully and cut each front individually. They were pretty close in size but not exact.

To install the drawer fronts I held up the front board with one hand and carefully leveled it. Making sure it covered the drawer box and left room for the drawer front above. While holding it very still I tacked it in place with my nail gun then took the drawer out and screwed it in from the back. If you want to avoid the tack holes and have a partner you can put in one drawer at a time starting at the bottom. Have one person hold the drawer front level while the other person screws it in from the back. If this was your method you would want to leave the top off to allow access to the top drawer. 
Now you have a built in dresser perfect for all your clothes. The only thing left to do it paint!
   I was wracking my brain to figure out how I wanted to finish the drawers. My first thought was to paint it a fun accent color but I was a little nervous that it would be too busy. I actually liked the look of the wood so I thought about staining it but I'm not really going for that farmhouse look. Lastly, I thought I could just paint them the same grey as the interior of the cabinet, a little boring though. I turned to my trusty friends and family on Facebook for a quick poll and the overwhelming choice was a fun accent color.

And of course I chose pink!

Here is a sneak peek at the color. It dries into a nice raspberry jewel tone which I think will be perfect for my chic and sophisticated office space. 


The Final Reveal 

I think this is one of the easiest and cheapest projects to date. I was able to make nearly the entire thing out of my scrap pile greatly reducing the cost. The only thing I purchased were the drawer slides for aourd $30. I don't think you can get a custom built dresser for under $30. This was the perfect addition to my closet and offers so much storage space. I think it's time to go shopping!

Have any projects in your home that used only scraps?
Share them with me below!



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