Dinner Is Served

The only time we use this room is when people come over...

Or going soon, depending on how you look at it...

Coming Soon!

  I think it’s an understatement to say this room is going to be vastly different when we’re done with it. To be completely honest, the room won’t even be here anymore. This tiny dinky room that appears to be the dining room is eventually going to go away. Half of it will be reallocated to the bathroom, (which is just on the other side of that left wall) and the other half will be allocated to the Kitchen (which is through the doorway to the right). I’m sure you must be thinking “this girl is crazy to get rid of her dining room.” I can assure you I’m not crazy… well not because of the dining room at least. We’re simply relocating the dining room to what I’m assuming the old owners used as a den or family room.
It seemed a little ridiculous for a family of 2 to have a living room AND a family room and it seemed even more ridiculous that a girl who loves to throw dinner parties would have a tiny dining room that seats no more than 6. There has to be a better way. 

So much needs to happen in order for this exchange to take place. The set up in the new dining room will be fairly easy, well it would be if I could learn to leave well enough alone…but I can’t so... you know.

We’re going to add a window on either side of the fireplace, this room is SO dark but that end of the house actually gets sun most of the day so I’m hoping for a huge improvement.

We’ll also replace the old sliding glass door, most likely with French doors but I haven’t decided yet. I would also love to change the wood stove to a normal fire place, maybe even convert it to gas. But the fireplace thing is a “way down the road, eventually” type of plan… We’ll see.

Maybe some built-ins next to the fireplace. And some big graphic art on the wall across from the sliding door. I’m thinking some of our travel photos blown up but again…we’ll see how it plays out in the end.

As for furniture, which is basically just the table and chair…I’m stuck. Every time I look at tables and chairs either as a set or separate I hate them all. They’re either too modern or to vintage. I have no idea what I’m going to do. I just know I want a big long table, I think we can fit about 8 in here. I want this to be a cozy room where you can spend hours eating, talking and drinking by the fire place with the people I love. 
I seriously cannot wait to throw a party in here.



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The Future Dining Room

The Future Dining Room