Dollar Tree Eye Mask Review

 Seriously two sets of eye masks for $1… how good can these really be? I’ve seen these a few times but I’ve been apprehensive to give them a try. Last time I was at the Dollar Tree they caught my eye again and I figured I would try it, hey it’s only $1, right.

I think I’ve always assumed that the beauty products at any dollar store are low quality and not even worth spending the dollar on. But recenlty I found a few E.L.F lip glosses and three Wet-N-Wild make-up brushes that have since turned into some of my favorite items so now when I’m at the Dollar Tree I give the beauty section a thorough search.

They have two versions of these but I can't remember what the other one was supposed to do, I think it was for wrinkles, but I'm not really sure. Depeding on how these work I might try those next. I picked these because I've heard a lot of advice lately about adding Vitamin C to your skin care routine and a few of the Vitamin C products I already use work so well. 
Each box contains two of these packets, so you really do get two uses out of one box. The instructions on the back suggest to use once a week on well cleansed skin. The directions are simple: apply 1 pad under each eye and take off after 15 minutes. 

I looked up each ingredient and there were not any red flags or items that aren't in every other product I own. The one thing you will notice is there is not any Vitamin C in the product which I just find entertaining. I was surprised to see that a lot of the ingredients are plant derived. 
Here are the pads on my face. They are larger than I expected and cover more area which I thought was nice. I used these right out of the package when I got home but I've heard if you keep them in your refrigerator they are more soothing and the coolness can help with puffiness. But like I said, I didn’t cool them before so I can’t speak to that.

They felt good on my skin and there wasn’t any tingling or irritation. It just felt like my face was wet. I kept then on for the suggested 15 minutes while I soaked in a hot bath. It was nice to take just a few minutes to do nothing.

The Results



I can actually see a difference, it's a small difference but I think it was worth the 50 cents. I think the dark circles are less notiable and the lines under the bags seemed to be lighter. All in all I'm pretty happy with the results. 
I will definitely be using the second pair that came in the box and I think I’m going to continue using them weekly to see what happens. Hey, you can't beat a beauty routine for under $5 a month that actually works. 

Do you have any budget friendly beauty secrets?
Share them with me in the comments below!



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