Nice Countertops Don't Have To Be Exspensive

This is probably the easiest Countertop DIY you will ever come across. I've done all the hard work for you. I spent countless hours thinking about what i wanted these countertops to be. I looked into every reasonably priced option to no avail. I wanted a high end look without the high end price tag.
While researching my options I ran into so many painted countertop DIYs but I never loved the end result. I think mostly because everyone tried a faux stone paint technique that never really look like stone. I just want something that’s clean and modern.

The solution to my countertop dilemma? Paint!
Not just any paint though. Bathtub refinishing paint from Rust-oleum, which you can find here . This stuff gave me the exact look I was going for and for a fraction of the price of any other countertop options. 
Now that I've revealed my secret weapon let me back up a few steps. 

In the words of Russell Wilson-The seperation is in the Preperation.

Thankfully prep for this job was super easy. Before installing the dresser into the bathroom, I had sanded it down and primed the whole thing, including the top. Next I carefully cut the whole for the sink and installed it into the bathroom (I go over all the steps here in my dresser to vanity DIY here)  after the vanity was installed I added square base molding around the edge to mimic a standard countertop style and to fill in the gap between the vanity and the wall. I also placed a small piece of molding across the front to make the counter top appear thicker. I caulked all of my seams and around the sink and let it dry for a few days. 

And just like that I was already ready for paint!

Next I took old newspaper and painters tape and taped of anything I didn't want paint on. This is spray paint so I will get on surrounding surfaces so I did take more precaution than I would have for brush on paint. I of course didn't take a picture of that though!

The only thing left to do is paint

Follow the instructions on the can and spray your entire surface. I probably could have left it with one coat but I wanted it to be thick and even textured to I added two. One important thing to note is to leave the tape on while it cures. I think most people's instinct it to rip the tape off but you must resist! It has to cure for at least three days before any water can get on it, then you can take the tape off and reveal your amazing new countertops. 

  My countertops turned out so crisp and white, the product is a pure white which I really like, and there is no yellow tone at all. I am so pleased with the final result. It doesn't feel like a painted wood surface. The paint gave it a nice smooth surface just like a regular counter. We'll see how it wears over time and if it doesn't end up working, I'm only out $27.

Thanks for reading. Share your diy wins with me below!



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