Building a drawer always seemed like a difficult task that was just easier left to someone else. I'm not sure why I thought that adding drawers to an already difficult project was a good idea but I figured it was about time to give drawer building a try.

Full Disclaimer: this is how I built my drawers. I'm not sure if this is the "right way" to build them but mine slide and hold stuff so I'm going to call them a success.
Drawer Building 101:

Step One: Where is your drawer going to go?

Step Two: Pick your drawer slides

There are many drawer slides to choose from. I picked these because they seemed simple to install and were relatively inexpensive. The cabinet where I am installing the drawers is 24" deep so I went with 22" slides with a 75 pound weight limit. Which will be plenty for this project. This is when it becomes important to know how you will use a space before you pick the specifics.

Step 3: Attach Slide to Cabinet

These slides are to be installed 1/2" from the bottom of the cabinet, so I used a 1/2" piece of MDF as a guide to hold my slide in place while I marked the holes. I decided to pre-drill my holes to make instillation a little easier.
Mark and pre-dill the holes for the drawer slide. I used three screws in each slide.
Use the included screws to secure the slide to the cabinet wall. Repeat these steps for the other side ensuring the slides are level with each other (this is where the 1/2"guide comes in handy).

Step 4: Measure distance between slides.

Insert the drawer portion of the slide into the slide attached to your cabinet, do this on both sides. Measure the distance between the two slides. This will be the width of the bottom of your drawer. Generally it's about 1" smaller than the width of your cabinet.
Measure the length of the slide which will give you the depth of your drawer.

Step 6: Cut Drawer Bottom and Attach Slide.

I used a table saw to ensure my drawer bottom would be square. Once my drawer bottom was cut to size I screwed the slide directly to the bottom using the remaining screws that came with the slides.

Step 7: Add front, back and Sides to Drawer Base 

I measured the front back and sides of the drawer base and cut the boards down to length. My opening for the drawer boxes is 8" tall less the room for the slides and less any wiggle room so I used a 1x6 for the sides. Once they were cut down to size I simply screwed them on from the bottom of the drawer and screwed the ends together to form the box.

Step 8: Step Back and Admire Your Hard Work!

Test each drawer to make sure they work well, now is the time to make any necessary changes. My boxes were each a tiny bit different so each drawer only fit into its corresponding cubby so I made sure to label each drawer just in case they get mixed up later.
Each drawer fits and slides in out easily…My work here is done!



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