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Add a Door to a Non-Load Baring Wall

I often feel like people limit their housing options because of simple things that can be changed with minimal effort. (I once saw a house hunters where they didn’t pick a house because of the light fixtures, really? do you know how simple those are to change?) Some things are easy to change, like light fixtures and paint colors and others are a little more involved but can infact be changed. Like the floor plan. I fell in love with the location and potential of our current house but the size of the master bedroom left a lot to be desired. Shortly after moving in I began to imagine all the ways to make our current bedroom bigger. There were big expensive options like an addition or illogical options like combine two room but those were again, expensive and illogical (who puts a two bedroom house in a family neighborhood? Even thought were not planning to sell any time soon that would be a resale nightmare). I finally figured out that if we re-locate the linen closet and shuffle the doors around a little we can gain some much needed space in the master bedroom. The first step in this master plan is to move the door ways around.

The Master Plan

If I use the door to Ty’s room as the new entrance to my room and create a new wall between the two. I could then make a new door to Ty’s room and cover the old door to my room. With the entrance to my room shifted to the left it will allow me to remove the linen closet and push back the entrance to the master bedroom. I know it’s confusing but it will all make sense in the end! I promise!
My new door opening is going to go right where the little cat is sitting. 

Little Cat

First, I determine where I want my door way to be. I decided to use an existing stud as the king stud just for the ease of things. I know that I want my door opening to be 32” so I’m going to have to remove two studs next to the one I’m planning for my king stud. Next to the king stud I installed the jack stud that will make up the frame of the new door way. I cut the stud for a total height of 81” and installed it directly next to the king stud. From the inside of the jack stud I measure 32” and mark on the base place where the next jack stud needs to be placed and then mark 1.5” beyond that to mark the placement for the second king stud for the door way.
I decided to install the second king stud before taking out the existing studs from the door way, I know I’m not dealing with a load bearing wall but it made me feel a little better before cutting into my wall. Once the second king stud was installed I used the reciprocating saw to remove the two studs that were now in the middle of my new door way.
While using a recipricating saw to remove studs, I start at the base plate and cut just where the vertical stud meets the base plate and cut the nails holding the stud in place. Once the nails are cut at the base plate I was able to wiggle the stud loose without having to make another cut at the top plate. Once all the studs for the closet were removed, I was able to pry up the base plates pretty easily. However the top plate will be a different story. Since I’m going to be adding drywall to the ceiling where I’m removing the wall, I will need to remove both 2x4’s that make up the top plate to give me a nice even surface for my drywall installation. I’m trying to disturb as little of the drywall as possible since I don’t want to replace anything that’s not necessary. But I might need to take out a little more drywall to get the saw close enough to cut the nails off level.

Here is a simple illistration to help along the way.

Click each image to provide instructions

  1. Existing Confuguration
  2. Add Jack Stud
  3. Add Second Jack Stud
  4. Add Header
  5. Add Cripple Stud
  6. Cut the Sole/Base Plate
  7. Cut Out Studs
  8. Add Second King Stud
  Next I cut another jack stud to 81” just like the first but before installing it I also cut the 2x4 that would make up the new header for the doorway. Since my door opening is 32” the distance between the King studs is 34 ¾” which is the length I cut the header to. I set the new header and the jack stud in place to make sure everything fits and before I nail everything into place I make sure everything is plump and level. Once everything is level I nail the jack stud and the header into place. I then place a vertical cripple stud in the top center of the new door frame and nail it into place.

That’s it. I now have a newly framed doorway to Ty’s room.

Coming Soom!

Door to Master


Door to Ashley's


Door to Ty's Room

You can see here in my terrible Photoshop rendering that it will move the door up about three feet and the Closet is about three feet deep so we’ll gain a good chuck of space from this reconfiguration. It’s a little ways out but I can’t wait to get this done!

What life changing renovations have you take on? Share them with me below!



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