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Laundry is the Worst

If you have to do laundry why not make your laundry room a space you actually enjoy? Well, I don’t actually have a laundry “room” but I do have an oversized laundry closet that will make laundry a whole lot easier and a little less dreadful. I am going to set up the laundry closet in this house similar to the one we had in our last place. A stacked washer and dryer with a cabinet off to one side. When it came time to move out of our last place I was amazed at how many boxes of stuff came out of the laundry closet. Those cabinets had been a last minute addition but they turned out to be very useful.

The cabinet I have designed for this space will also serve to hide the cat box. I love my babies but man I hate staring at that thing every time I walk down the hallway and I really hate it when we have guests over. I think I have found a way to make it accessible for the cats but hidden from plain view. Let’s hope it works out like I think it will.

With the master plan for the house, I am sort of working my way up the hallway, back towards the main portion of the house. After I finish the spare rooms, the master bedroom is on my list. Then once I’m done with the master, it will be time for the laundry closet. It will be so nice to have more storage and better functionality in here. And don't forget the brand new washer and dryer!

I will be one happy camper when this project is done. 

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