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Laundry is just about the worst task in the house. It’s time consuming and literally never ending. But even worse is when you get done with laundry only to find that your clothes aren’t as clean as you want them or your towels have been left lifeless from hundreds of cups of fabric softener. That’s where the Cleanest Clean Hacks come in at. Let’s show you how to make laundry day a little easier and a little cleaner!
{ How to get the cleanest clean }
  1. How to get out deodorant stains
    Everyone gets armpit stain in their shirts sometimes; here's how to get rid of them for good.
    All you need is: -1 tablespoon Blue Dawn, -3-4 tablespoons hydrogen peroxide, -A pinch of baking soda, -An old toothbrush o Mix the dawn and hydrogen peroxide, apply it to the stain, then add a little baking soda on and scrub it with a old toothbrush. o Let the solution sit for about 30 minutes then wash the shirt like normal. o Tada! It's as good as new! This even works on shirts that have been through the dryer.
  2. Handle grease stains like a pro
    I don't know how many shirts I threw away before I realized you CAN get out those pesky grease stains
    This hack only involves one item and you probably have it laying around your house right now. o Chalk-that's it. o Break off a small piece of chalk and pat it into the grease stain, making sure it's completely covered. o Let the chalk sit for about 30 minutes. Shake off the excess chalk and wash the garment like normal. o Enjoy your stain free clothes!
  3. Recharge your Towels
    Noone likes a dirty towel. Make sure your towesl are hotel soft everytime you use them.
    o Load your towels into the washing machine, add 1-2 cups vinegar to the detergent tray and wash on hot. o When that wash cycle is complete wash them again, this time adding 1 cup baking soda to the wash drum, again on hot. o Put the towels in the dryer and make sure they are extra-extra dry before folding them and putting them away. o Enjoy your ultra clean, soft, and absorbent towels time and time again. o I like to do this every few months, especially at the end of summer after my towels have spent time at the lake.
  4. How to fix that Paint Mistake
    I'm just going to touch up the trim, I don't need to change out of my favorite jeans....
    I clearly think I'm a better painter than I am. I always wind up with paint on my clothes no matter how careful I try to be. o After the paint has dried, take a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol on it to gently breakdown the paint. o Carefully brush off the excess paint and wash item like normal. o I've done this on cotton shirts and jean with no negative impact on the garment but I would test a small area first o This works with regular latex paint, like the kind you paint the walls with, I haven't tried it with other kinds of paint yet.
  5. Not All Detergent is Created Equal
    I know detergent can get pretty spendy but I promise it's worth it in the long run
    o I used to think that all laundry detergent is that same, and I fell for that ads that told us you're just paying for more water. o It wasn't until I tried a sample of a better detergent that I realized how bad my "go-to" detergent really was. o I'm not saying you have to go and buy the most expensive one but find out what works for you-Do you wash all your clothes in cold water? Do you sort your clothes by color or throw it all into one load? You're laundry habits will make a huge impact. o Check out to see which detergent can out on top.
  6. Don't forget to Wash your Washing Machine
    Cleaning the thing that cleans sounds like an oxymoron but you can't get clean clothes out of a dirty washer.
    o Think about it. Your washer can sit there un-used for days at a time. Old detergent, dirty water, and dead skin are a heaven for bacterial growth- AKA- the washing machine smell. o I like to use a good washing machine cleaner once a month to make sure I'm not putting that old bacteria on my clothes o If you haven't been washing your washer you can run cleaner through it a few times to get out all the old gunk. o I like the Tide brand washing machine cleaner but there are many on the market as well as a few DIY recipes.
  7. Washing Weird Items
    How in the heck do you get flip flops clean?
    In the dishwasher, how else? o There are lots of household items you can wash in the dishwasher-baseball hats and flipflops included o Make sure whatever you're washing can stand the heat. Turn down the temperature if possible and spot test your soap before use, just to make sure it won't bleach anything. o I wouldn't suggest this for older hats, some have cardboard brims and can fray lose threads. Make sure to wash everything on the top rack to reduce heat and water pressure as much as possible.
  8. Do smaller loads of laundry
    I konw it sounds like more work but you're still washing and folding the same amount, it's just more spread out.
    I've had the hardest time convincing Ty that cramming the washing machine FULL does not actually get the clothes clean. o Think about it, if you cram as much in as possible it doesn't have room to move around and work the dirt out of the clothes. o Sort your laundry into small loads keeping like materials and colors together. o Your clothes will not only last longer but they will be cleaner when they come out of the dryer. o To get the cleanest clean-Do smaller loads.


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