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The Room In Your House That Everyone Sees...
I don’t even think I can begin to describe how much I hate this room. I’m sure many of you are thinking “it’s not THAT bad.” No, it really is. This is probably the best photo this room has ever taken and I’m pretty sure there is some (or a lot) of Photoshop involved since this is one of the listing photos. It doesn't look this good in real life. Yes, it’s bright teal. Yes, it has a white tile shower and yes it has outdated oat cabinets but the dinge and the awfulness doesn’t come through in this photo, not even close. But on the positive side, it has a great big window and lots of natural light which is key in a great bathroom design. 
  It appears as though they tried to “touch up” the bathroom in order to put it on the market but that just made things worse. They put new crisp white caulking over the old stuff which looked great until it started coming off. They didn’t seal the tile around the window so every time we shower it gets wet and is now pulling off the wall. This bathroom needs a serious make-over, SOON!
This room is about to double in size. As I stated in my post about the dining room, which you can read here; I am going to take about half the existing dining room and reallocate it to this bathroom. I have always wanted to a bathroom with a separate tub and shower and I’m finally going to get it! And by get it I mean do it myself. 
For ease of things I am going to leave everything where it is. Hopefully that will make the plumbing bill a lot smaller too! My plan to make the most of the newly gained square footage is to add a shower to right of the bathtub. We’ll be able to get a decent 5’x4’ shower in there, maybe even 5’x5’ maybe. On the wall next to the shower will be a warmed towel bar (a necessity for Ty!) and then in the corner behind the door there will be a floor to ceiling cupboard that will serve as our linen closet.
I’ve got a few other changes in mind, making the window a little bigger, a dramatic feature, either the vanity or a great tile wall. Lots of tile and some new white fluffy towels, who doesn’t love new towels?
I feel like it’s a lot of stuff to cram into such a small area but I think it will all work out in the end.

I cringe every time I take a shower in this room. This is definitely a project that will be done sooner rather than later. Hopefully really really soon!

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