A list within a list.

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, I’m a list maker. I get such satisfaction from checking off completed items, it really works as motivation to get shit done! I’ve shared with you my master list of 2017 goals, that has items such at “finish bathroom” and “finish bedrooms.” This list has been a great start but the goals are much too broad to actually work from.

So, when I’m nearing the end of one project and the beginning of the next I make a list inside my master list. I have, for now, finished the work in our bedrooms and I’m moving on to the Laundry room. Again, the task of “finish laundry room.” Is much too broad to be a working list.

Under the main bullet point of “finish laundry room” will be about 20 sub-bullets that will map out what specifically I need to do to complete my project.

Making this smaller list will help in a few different ways. It will allow to allocate specific time for each component of the project, as well as help me budget for the upcoming expenses. If I plan correctly it will, hopefully, help me avoid minor catastrophes. By breaking down the big picture, I can create a logical order of operations, i.e. I need to pick my washer and dryer before I build the cabinet, if I build the cabinet to the current washer/dryer specks it might end in catastrophe if the new washer/dryer set arrives and doesn’t fit.

First, let’s take a look at the bullet points that make up the task of “finishing the laundry room”

  • Drywall
  • Hanging remaining drywall
  • Patch holes
  • Mud and tape seams
  • Paint/wallpaper
  • Move old washer/dryer
  • Flooring
  • Lay down cement board
  • Tile floor
  • Grout tile
  • Clean floor
  • Pick washer and dryer, get unit dimensions
  • Build cabinet for washer/dryer
  • Build upper cabinet
  • Build lower cabinet
  • Fit cabinet for cat box and supplies
  • Install counter tops
  • Tile backsplash

Here is my list within the Master List. I wrote my list in the order that it needs to be completed. But if you just wrote the list in random order, it’s important to put it in order and look for any possible issues or conflicts.

Once I have my list in order I’m going to create a schedule. On some projects a schedule isn’t necessary but for me it’s helpful to keep myself accountable for getting stuff done.

For a project like this a schedule is very important. In my house, we do laundry every two weeks. I have enough clothes to last about a month without laundry, but Ty can only go a few extra days but not much more. So, my plan is to do all the laundry in the entire house, remove the old washer/dryer, install the flooring and have it ready for the new washer/dryer to be delivered before the next laundry day in two weeks.

Here is what my schedule will look like:

  • Monday, May 15
    • Hang remaining drywall
    • Tape and mud first layer
  • Tuesday, May 16
    • Sand if necessary
    • Second layer of mud
  • Wednesday, May 17
    • Sand
    • Third layer of mud
  • Thursday, May 18
    • Sand
    • Final mud for level 5
  • Friday, May 19
    • Final Sanding
    • Prime walls
  • Saturday, May 20
    • Paint and or wallpaper
      • Shop for flooring supplies
        • Move washer/dryer
  • Sunday, May 21
    • Tile Floor
  • Monday, May 22
    • Grout tile
  • Tuesday, May 23
    • Clean floor with acid to remove “grout haze”
    • Let grout/mortar dry and settle before putting washer/dryer in place
  • Friday, May 26
    • Pick up washer/dryer
      • Purchase cabinet supplies
  • Saturday-Sunday-Monday, May 27-28-29 (Memorial Day Weekend)
    • Build box for around washer/dryer
      • Build cabinet for above washer
        • Build upper cabinet
          • Build lower cabinet
            • Add molding to upper cabinets
  • Tuesday, May 30
    • Prime all cabinets
  • Wednesday-Thursday-Friday, May 31, June 1-2
    • Paint cabinets
  • Saturday, June 3
    • Install counter tops
  • Sunday, June 4
    • Install tile backsplash
  • Monday, June 5
    • Grout tile
  • Tuesday, June 6
    • Clean grout with acid to remove “grout haze”
  • Wednesday-Thursday-Friday, June 7-8-9
    • Finishing touches
    • Add flooring transition strip
      • Clean up
  • Saturday, June 10
    • Enjoy Finished Laundry Room

I know this seems like a long a crazy list but this is how I mentally prepare for a new project. I think when it’s all written out it looks like so much to do; I think I’ve got stuff planned for nearly every day. But it’s such a small area that when I have “prime laundry room” planned it’s really only an hour worth of work, max.

Now all I can do is hope that everything goes according to plan and I will have a new laundry room in about a month!

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