Day 100

I can’t believe we have lived in our house for 100 days already. It seems like I was just getting the keys yesterday. But I really can’t believe how much I’ve gotten done around here in the past 100 days.

When we were in the process of closing and had gotten our official closing date, I said to myself “I want to be moved in and have the place feeling like a home by New Years.” The transformation a home goes through is amazing; going from an empty shell to a much loved home is no small feat.

In the past hundred days I have managed to:

  • Unpack all of our boxes (so many boxes)
  • Remodeled the kitchen-pictures coming soon!
  • Painted most of the common areas (you know how much I love grey)
  • Built an entertainment center
  • Replaced the appliances including re-wring the dishwasher
  • And I think most importantly-planned the rest of the remodel

I can’t believe how much I have managed to get done in just 100 days. My journey here is just beginning and I’m off to a great start! I can’t wait to see what the next 100 days has in store.

Have a great day!


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