DIY doesn’t always mean farmhouse chic

I love to read other DIY blogs, how-to’s and instructables for all things home. Don’t get me wrong there are some overly creative and talented bloggers out there. However, most of their stuff just isn’t my style. So many bloggers have this great farmhouse chic look going on, very similar to the show Fixer Upper on HGTV, and I’m over here like “look at my clean lines and white walls.”

I have always been drawn to an ultra modern interior design look. I think it’s because I grew up with a family of “collectors,” but I can’t stand having a bunch of stuff everywhere. Maybe if I was better at organizing book cases I wouldn’t mind having so much stuff on them.

As I have said before, many bloggers have fantastic, creative ideas and just because it’s not my exact style doesn’t mean I can’t use their idea as inspiration. Pinterest is my number one resource for all things home, and anything really, but i look at a lot of pictures and think, if only “this” was different. Then I’m reminded that I can do that myself and make it exactly how I want it.

Ultra modern design can also mean an ultra high price tag, which I am not about to pay. I know I’ve saved thousands by doing so many projects myself everything from tiling to custom entertainment centers. Made specifically to meet my needs.

I hope I can give you the tools to take an idea and turn it into your own.

Have a great day!


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