Finish what you have started.

I am probably the worst at this. I get close to the end of a project and something distracts me and I’m off to the next thing before I finish what I was working on. Case in point: right now, I’m working to finish Ty’s build in closet, the drywall work in the master bedroom, and the laundry closet.

I think part of my issue is that I’m always planning what I’m going to work on next. I’m constantly thinking about the progress of the project as a whole and want to move forward without finishing what I’ve already started.

It is also difficult for me to work on finishing while my entire house is in shambles. I can’t actually finish a room since we don’t even have floors yet, but I can make a point to do more.

Ty and I worked on putting his closet together and figured out a solution to make the drawers flow with the overall look. We ran out of material and instead of simply buying more we moved on to a completely different project… I have no idea why and there was no logic in that decision.

Now before I move forward with the demo on the laundry closet I’m going to take the time to finish everything I’ve got started. And I mean everything.

Here is my to do list! (warning it’s kind of long and scary)

-Fix cabinet doors-Ashley’s Room

-Add trim to wardrobe closet-Ashley’s Room

-Add hardware to wardrobe cabinet-Ashley’s Room

-Hang curtains-Ashley’s Room

-Patch drywall and paint-Ashley’s Room

-Add trim to drawer fronts-Ty’s Room

-Build hamper drawer-Ty’s Room

-Patch drywall and Paint-Ty’s Room

-Add trim to top of cabinet-Ty’s Room

-Mud drywall-Master

-Take out flooring-Master

-Build and install PAX cabinets-Master

-Paint/Finish ALL THREE wardrobe cabinets

-hang TV-Master

-Put bed back in Master

I think that’s it but I’m sure I’ve missed some things. These are all the things I’m making myself do before I move on to the Laundry Room Renovation! Which I am so excited for….it’s going to be hard to wait. So, if you see me posting anything about the laundry room before this list is done, yell at me! Please!

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