I have a plan…it just lives in my head…

As I look forward to beginning the master bedroom renovation, it occurs to me that some people might be thinking that I’m just jumping around room to room without finishing anything. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening but I’ll explain why. I have a plan…famous last words right?

But really, I do have a plan, it’s just really long and lives only in my head! But I figure it’s time to get it out in order to help you understand the process of an entire home renovation. Fair warning: it doesn’t happen overnight therefore this is going to take a while, you might want to grab some coffee!

1.Build wardrobe cabinet in Ashley’s room

2.Take out original closet from Ashley’s room

3.Move Ty’s clothes to the Master Bedroom

4.Take out original closet from Ty’s room

5.Build new door way to Ty’s Room

6.Build new wall between Ty and Ashley’s Room (making the older entrance to Ty’s room the new entrance to Ashley’s room)

7.Frame out old door to Ashley’s Room

8.Repair dry wall in Ty and Ashley’s rooms

9.Build wardrobe cabinet in Ty’s room

10.Move Ty’s clothes back to his room.

11.Take out closet in master and linen closet from hallway
12.Frame new door to master Bedroom
13.Repair/replace drywall in master bedroom
14.Finish laundry closet
15.Cover window in dining room
16.Reframe bathroom walls
17.Remodel expanded bathroom
18.Knock down wall between kitchen and living room
19.Demo existing Kitchen
20.Install new windows in back of house
21.Install new Kitchen
22.Replace wood-burning stove with gas fireplace
23.Paint all rooms
24.Install hardwood floors and base molding through-out entire house
25.Install feature wall in living room
26.Furnish and decorate all rooms.

So there it is. My official renovation to-do list! Of course there are a million small things to do within each one of these points but you get the idea. I can’t lay down the floors until I install the kitchen and I can’t install new door until I lay down the new floors and so on and so forth. So I’m sure from the outside that it seems like I’m just jumping from project to project but I really do have it all worked out in my head.

I’m about 1/3 through my to-do list and I’m only ¼ of my way through my time frame so I’m feeling pretty good about my progress so far even though I know all the finishing work will be super time consuming. My goal is to get through number 20 before the end of the year so I can purchase my kitchen at IKEA’s Kitchen Sale in January 2018. Then I’ll only have 6 major thing to do before the end of summer next year! That sounds do-able…right? Please someone tell me I’m right…


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