It’s laundry month.

Does anyone hate laundry as much as I do? Until you become a nudist laundry is the real never ending story. Typically, I’m an avid spring cleaner. I don’t know why but there is something so refreshing about throwing open all the windows lighting a few candles and spending a little quality time with your mop. With the renovation going on, spring cleaning has looked a little different this year. Err, maybe non-existent is a better description. However, the one thing in the house that does not escape spring cleaning is laundry.

It’s the time here in Seattle where the weather finally starts to change and we can put away the heavy down comforter for at least a few months. I like to pick a weekend that I can fill with a lot of little tasks; that way I can work on small project between the laundry loads and not be annoyed about being interrupted every 45 minutes. This weekend I decided it was laundry weekend and party prep time. I’m throwing a graduation party for a friend of mine and figured it would be the perfect time to throw together some decorations, you know, the fun stuff!

But back to the dreaded task of laundry. I like to start the weekend by collecting every piece of fabric in the house, anything that can go in the washer/dryer. I collect and sort everything and prepare it for the wash. I get all of my supplies ready and start the first load. I start with the easiest loads to get done with first. Anything that can be washed dried and put away. While I’m sorting my loads, I separate out things that need the stains removed or anything that is going to need special treatment. While the first loads are washing, I do all stain treatments, like getting out deodorant stains and paint.

Once my normal laundry is out of the way I will start in on my “specialty loads,” like bleach in the whites, vinegar with the towels, drapes, bed pillows, anything that requires a little extra attention. I like to do all these loads last and in a specific order, just to make sure I’m not accidentally bleaching my dark load.

Now, the clean bedding is ready to be put away for the summer and my curtains are cat hair free for a few hours plus I get to climb into my clean summer sheets tonight, sometimes you can’t ask for more.

For me, compressing the laundry suck-age to one weekend is way better than dragging it out for a few weeks. Get it all done and out of the way so you can do laundry again in two weeks.

Looking to make laundry day a little easier? Keep an eye out for my upcoming series, “Life Hacks in the Laundry Room” and let me know below if you have any laundry secrets to share with me!

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