Nearing the end…for now.


As I have completed more of the bedroom project I feel like time has slowed down and sped up all at the same time. On one hand I feel like I have been working on this FOREVER. The house is perpetually covered in a layer of insulation and drywall dust and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. However, as I sit here with coffee in hand on Monday morning, I reflect on the previous weekend and wonder where the last two days went. At this point I feel like I’m going crazy but I know it will all pay off soon.

My plan is to complete the work that has been started. At this point that consists of finishing some electrical work (that is a whole other story), Hanging and mudding the remaining drywall, and adding insulation back to the attic. After these tasks are complete I am going to spend some time cleaning and organizing the house to get ready for our next major project. Recently I feel like I’ve spent half my time looking for that one (insert tool name here) and hardly any time enjoying what I’m working on.

I purposely don’t have any specific projects on the horizon which will allow me to just focus on organizing everything. I actually love the process of cleaning, purging and organizing so I’m going to allow myself the time to get the job done right.

I stopped and looked at my calendar for the rest of the year and it’s astonishing how quickly your weekends disappear. From now until New Years we’ve only got a handful of free weekends, it doesn’t seem like the best time to dive into a full bathroom remodel.

Once the New Year rolls around and the holiday season comes to an end I’m sure I will be ready to dive into the next big project, and believe me it’s going to be big. Until then I’m just going to take my time with this current project and restore some sanity into my home.

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