Organization Planning.

So, let me give you a little back story on this one. In the very first phase of our renovation I thought it would be a good idea to take out all the closets in the entire house… I mean all of them. Linen closet-gone. Coat closet-gone. Closet in master-gone. Laundry closet-gone. Closet in guest room-gone. Broom closet-gone. We had a lot of closets in our small house and I eliminated that ALL, and all at the same time. In hind sight this was a terrible idea but what’s done is done. We are FINALLY getting around to putting the closets back.

Currently we have put back and organized the closets in our spare rooms. Ty and I use those rooms to store our clothes so even though these are done they don’t add a ton of storage for things like board games and vacuum attachments.

In our master, we have the closets installed but not really organized so for now my shoes, coats, and scarves are piled in there, but it’s not pretty. This will change eventually but sadly my shoe storage is low on Ty’s priority list, I can’t imagine why…

I was so excited to get our laundry room finished. I seriously thought it was going to change everything and all of a sudden, my entire house would be organizable. That didn’t happen. While the laundry room cabinets did add a lot of storage, they didn’t add a lot of storage for the bulk of the mess which is what had been in the linen closet. My plan was to store cleaning/laundry supplies, the cat box and supplies as well as our luggage. The luggage and the cat box are taken care of by the laundry cabinets but that didn’t leave much room for anything else. The one remaining cupboard is now taken up by towels and sheets we are trying to keep clean during demo. There is seriously dust everywhere…The cabinet is a mess and not nearly big enough for everything we are trying to shove in there but it does keep the towel cleaner than they were.

But, this is all about to change…I hope. We are in the midst of dissecting the dining room and divvying up the space to expand the current hall bathroom, add a little to the kitchen and steal what is left and turn it into the new coat closet. Sadly, at this point the coat closet it’s what I’m really excited for. You would think I would be really excited for a huge new bathroom or a fancy kitchen but no…

The new coat closet is going to help so much with the random clutter that is currently plaguing my house. I’m going to try and fit EVERYTHING in there. I just need to make a plan which is harder than it sounds. But, I’m up for the challenge because I don’t think I can go another week with my house being such a disaster.

Stay tuned to see how I make it all work!

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