Peace, Love, and Planning

When thinking about the scope and the timeline of a project, I think, people most often minimize or just plain don’t account for how long it takes to plan a project. It is seriously the most time consuming part of any renovation project.

No matter how deep I am into my current project I’m already thinking about and planning for the next project on my list. During my last project, the master bathroom remodel, I was mentally working through the kinks for my next project, the wardrobe in my spare room. During the 24 hours the floor grout took to dry I measured and calculated how much MDF I would need.

One huge factor that I think is the most time consuming part of the project is estimating the cost. I’m sure contractors who have been in the business for years can tell you the cost for a sheet of ¾” MDF off the top of their head but I need to research it and basically look everything up. It’s probably the least fun part of any project but it’s also the most important part.

I really like the idea of a 100% custom wardrobe but I’ve also know that the IKEA PAX system will give me basically what I’m looking for. Before running to the hardware store I made sure to price everything out to ensure I was going to make the best most cost effective position. If you had to factor in labor costs I think the PAX would be cheaper. For what I’m looking for it would be $1500 for the cabinets, not including organizers and drawers and such, they could have easily cost over $2000.

From my research I have figured out that 123” of custom cabinetry will cost about $800 for ALL of the materials; including drawers and shelves and hardware. I’m guessing, factoring for mistakes or some random thing I haven’t taken into account the entire project will be about $1200. Still a much better investment that the IKEA PAX system.

So many factors to consider when working on and planning for a project. It has helped to have the “big picture” in my head to know exactly what to expect. I need to move the closets in order to more the doorways and the doorways need to move in order to expand the master bedroom and the…It’s seriously never ending. And I love every second of it.

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