The real work begins.

This was a very exciting weekend in the Gastfield house. Not only did the 2016 Seahawks preseason begin we started the real construction work on the house. I guess you can say we started when I remodeled the small bathroom. However, I know that was just the tip of the iceberg. Since completing the bathroom I have constructed the wardrobe for my room. Now that the wardrobe is done (other than the finishing work which we are waiting to do) and beautifully holding all of my clothing we are ready to get started on the BIG stuff. I think because both the bathroom and the wardrobe were pretty stand-alone projects I didn’t really consider them “The Beginning.”

That all changed this weekend! We got started on the big stuff!

We started with the demolition of the closets in Ty’s room. The backside of the broom closet and the coat closet ate up a lot unnecessary place in Ty’s room and needed to go. Later in the project we will be adding both of the closets back in better areas. To get the biggest bang for our renovation buck I knew we would need to maximize and better utilize our existing spaces.

I have devised a plan to use every square inch of the house in (what I think) is the best way possible. And it all starts with demo day.

I am so excited to get this project going and to be sharing the entire process with you!

Here goes nothing…

Stay tuned,


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