Thinking about thinking about it.

You would think the first step in a project is planning. However, I spend an ample amount of time thinking about planning my projects. In fact, while I’m only on the beginning of mu build-in wardrobe project and I’m already thinking about the planning of my next project. Before I even picked up a pen to work out the details of my wardrobe I spent a lot of time thinking about it. Thinking about how I would use the space as well as thinking about what I wanted to design to look like.

I think I spend so long thinking about and planning my project because I don’t want to have to pick function over form. If I were to go with the easiest and most simple solution to the issues I have in this house the place would turn out very functional it would just be super ugly. I’m not okay with that. I want to make the space as functional as possible while making it ascetically pleasing.

To create a project that equally takes into account form and function takes a lot of head space. Take my wardrobe project for example. I spent hours searching through Pinterest boards, using every combination of search terms I could think of. I came up with hundreds of pictures that I liked one or two aspects of but I wasn’t finding exactly what I wanted. I knew that I wanted to maximize the amount of useful space but one aspect of the Pinterest photos that I didn’t like was plain doors from floor to ceiling. But there was a very specific combination of doors versus drawers that I liked which would be a great starting point for the visual planning for my wardrobes.

However, there was a ton of planning to be done for the functionality of the wardrobes before I could even think about building it. Based on the wall space, I knew that I was going to make three cabinets that would make up the wardrobe. That would give me about 40” of hanging space in each cabinet. Unfortunately, based on my current hanging needs I knew that would not be enough. I have told you I have a slight addiction to tank tops? Anyway… I was originally thinking I would have 12” drawers on the bottom, a large cabinet for hanging space in the center and a 12” cupboard on top to store seasonal items. However, now knowing that I would need at least one of the cabinets to have double hanging space, I won’t have enough space to have the drawers, cupboard and double hanging so back to the drawing board it was.

You see the, sometimes agonizingly long, thought process and planning process that goes into each project. It seriously does take up a lot of head space….but it’s necessary and worth it in order to end up with a project you absolutely love. I was able to figure a solution for the double hanging tragedy and I know I’m going to end up with a wardrobe beyond my wildest dreams.

Have a great day,


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