Types of clean…who knew there was more than one?

I’m assuming you have never thought about what type of clean you are. I’m also assuming most people don’t think about cleaning as much as I do. My husband is always surprised and laughing to hear me describe myself as a clean person. It actually used to annoy me when he would call me messy but then I figured out why he thinks that way.

Ty hates clutter. It drives him crazy and he’s the type that can’t go to sleep at night with certain things out of place. I on the other hand don’t mind clutter it’s the dirty surfaces that I can’t stand.

I might leave my shoes laying around the house when I take them off but I know if someone called to say they were one their way, I could pick up shoes and have a clean house. Having a clutter free house does not mean your house is clean.

I think I’m a little crazy when it comes to cleaning though. I can’t leave it at picking up and vacuuming. I have to move all the furniture and vacuum and wipe down all the surfaces in the room. I even wipe down the walls and clean the doors and around the light switches. (I told you I’m crazy). Once I start cleaning, down the rabbit hole I go….

To this day Ty will insist that I’m a messy person. And yes, you might find my shoes on the living room floor but you will not see a ring in my toilet bowl. I guess we just like a different type of clean.

Clean Away,



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