What to do when you can’t do it all.

Call me crazy but I actually enjoy working on project alone. I get to work at my own pace, do it my way and there is no one there to complain about how many Michael Jackson songs I have on my playlist. With that being said, I do however understand that I cannot do everything on my own.

Everyone has their limit.

Unfortunately, now that Ty is out of town I have reached my limit. I have demolished the entire master bedroom and taken it down to the studs. Everything has been taken to the dump and the lumber to support the ceiling joists has been purchased and is taking up quite a bit of space in the living room. However, I don’t think it would be wise to tackle installation of 16’ 2×6’s while I’m home alone…bummer.

This minor set-back puts my project completion date out about two weeks so I’ve got to find something to do in the meantime.

Most of my upcoming projects are going to be based upon the completion of this project. I could go out and look for deals on tile for the bathroom or attempt to snag a vanity off craigslist but I’m trying not to have a ton of stuff sitting around the house while I’m waiting for that project to come around. I did this with some IKEA PAX wardrobes…I snagged three of the big tall ones on craigslist for $300 (all accessories and pull out drawers included!). And yes while it was a major score and I literally saved us thousands of dollars I will be so excited when they are installed in the bedroom and no longer sitting in the middle of the dining room. So, I’m not about to add more to the pile…

I’ve come to peace with the fact that I’m not going to get everything done as soon as I would like. I’ve got a million other things I can work on before Ty gets home, like that gigantic pile of laundry sitting in the living room, yes I said living room, don’t judge…

Maybe I’ll even have time to recover those chairs I bought 2 years ago…or maybe they’ll sit in the garage for another few months, we’ll see.

The truth is you can only do so much and that’s ok.

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