What works for you.

I often get asked by the people around me, “How do you do that?” “How do you have time for all this?” “Do you ever sleep?” I assure you I do sleep…a lot. And I’m not super woman. I just know what works for me.

In all honesty I’m kind of lazy and some days I would love to just lay around with a glass of wine and Pinterest on my iPad. However, that’s not very conducive to getting stuff done.

My first tip is to find out what motivates you, what is the appeal of getting XYZ done? If your task is grocery shopping then I’m guess the motivation is so your family doesn’t start feeding off each other when you run out of food next week. If you’re tackling something bigger like a home renovation project keep in mind the water pooling in the shower and how nice it will be when it’s fixed. As I’ve mentioned before I can get overly absorbed into the details of a project and lose sight of the end which is very un-motivational for me. Taking a step back to remember why I started a task in the first place is a good first step.

Are you a tactile person? For me, it’s helpful to have a pen and paper handy basically all the time to jot down little ideas when they pop into my head. Whether it’s as simple as “Ty needs deodorant” or something much bigger I like to have it written down. And typing it into my phone is not the same for some reason. I normally never look at my notes once they are complete, I think it’s just the act of writing that logs it into my brain somewhere but I really does work for me. Some people need to say it out loud, some people need to put it on a calendar and I know a lot of people who need to put it on a list or it won’t get done.

I have found the process of searching for “my way: easier by asking for support from those around me. It can be daunting to be judging yourself while you feel like the people around you aren’t being supportive either. Telling them what you need support with during a transition will help you feel less judgement and possible embarrassment. It’s so much easier to not go at it alone.

I know it’s easy to be hard on yourself. She can do it, why can’t it? But that’s not a fair assessment. There are so many individuals’ differences, the same thing isn’t going to work for everyone. If you try something and it doesn’t work, try something else. Do more research, question your own motivation, and keep moving forward.

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