When a project grows and shrinks at the same time…

Well, I started thinking about our half bathroom remodel and The Boy and I decided that would be the first room to be tackled but let me start with a little back story first.

We have an ugly and small (5’x5′) half bath off the master bedroom. It’s right next to our massive laundry closet so our first thought was to take a little space from the laundry area to add a shower in the bathroom.  After planning and researching and talking to our friend/real estate agent, we decided the added benefits and the possible return on investment was worth all the added cost.

Since our initial plan was to do a huge renovation to add the shower, I was thinking I would do a “weekend refresh” of the space; paint new light fixture and a massive cleaning. However, since we decided to scale back on the renovation that meant we could do a real renovation of the bathroom a lot sooner than expected! Jump for joy! Now back to the drawing board!!!

Our goal was to spend under $1000 for the entire bathroom. That meant we would need to be creative when it came to picking finishes and furnishings since a 60″ vanity, including sink and counter top, started around $1500 we knew that was out of the question.  My crazy planning brain really pays off when you’re trying to do projects on a tight budget. I seem to always have a running tally in my head of the projects that I’m hoping to start soon so if I’m out and see a great deal I can snag it. We’re super lucky to live here in Seattle and have so many recycle places at our fingertips and  our first trip to the salvage yard really paid off. We got 25 square feet of floor tile for $25 and later saw the same tile at a big box store for $8 a sq. ft.

I’m usually pretty flexible when it comes to the specific design elements of a room, which helps…a lot.  I hear stories all the time where someone saw a picture they liked and HAD to have the EXACT vanity from the photo blowing the budget. On this project I knew I wanted light floor since it was such a small space so my “jumping off point” was a search for any light tile.

Because I am constantly going through this planning/design thought process I was easily able to take my project from a new coat of paint to an entire bathroom gut in about two weeks. Allowing for some flexibility in your plans will go a long way towards making projects easier and keeping your sanity through a renovation project.


Thanks for listening,


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