We’re Going To Bali!

I’m currently planning a literal dream vacation and I could not be more excited but I’m also freaking out about the enormity of things I have to do before we leave. I feel like there are a million moving pieces to any vacation but ours get particularly sticky when we have to take into account Ty’s work trips. Let me give you the breakdown of how I got to this point.

My husband, Ty, travels every year for work and is gone for three straight weeks. His schedule goes: Singapore, Jakarta and then Hong Kong, spending a week at each location. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to these amazing locations and only paying for one ticket. Last year I was able to go to Singapore, which was absolutely amazing, I highly recommend it. But I was kind of bummed that Ty spent most of the time working and we only got three whole days together. It was still an amazing trip even though Ty worked a lot.

So this year, we knew we wanted to take advantage of his trips again but I wanted him to have more time to enjoy himself. So we decided to take an extra week after his Hong Kong trip to go somewhere we could both enjoy. Our initial thought was that I would take two weeks off and spend the week with him in Hong Kong then we would fly to Bali for a week of real vacation. I didn’t like the idea of spending the week in Hong Kong basically alone so I invited my Bestie and her boyfriend to come along.

We finally sit down to plan our trip and start looking at flights and accommodations. We quickly find out that traveling to Hong Kong then Bali for the three of us would be an extra 20 hours of flight time and an extra $1000 EACH. This was not the cheap and easy vacation that I was hoping for. So we start messing around with flights and hotels in Bali and realize how inexpensive it is to travel and stay there. We three amigos already had the two weeks off from work and decided it wasn’t worth the extra time or money to go to Hong Kong which meant that we would stay for 2 Whole Weeks in Bali. The flights were relatively inexpensive and the accommodations once we are there are super cheap so the whole 2 week trip will be $1200 per person for flight and rooms! I’ll say that again….$1200 for a private villa!!! We were in shock and unbelievably excited. I’m a little bummed that I don’t get to go to Hong Kong but being in Bali for a week with my BFF sounds better than exploring Hong Kong alone for a week.

Here’s the real plan… We Three Amigos are flying to Bali and staying in our own private villa for a week, while Ty is in Hong Kong, I’m totally OK being the awkward third wheel; especially if it means an extra week in Bali. Ty will then fly directly from Hong Kong to Bali and stay for a week; then we will all fly home together.

Like I said, this is a dream vacation. I mean, I wish Ty would be in Bali the whole two weeks but I’ll take what I can get out of his crazy work schedule. I am so excited but I feel like there are a million and one things to do and prepare for. I’ve never been gone for two week and it’s kind of stressing me out. Preparing Ty for his three week trip every year is usually stressful enough, now make that 4 weeks in 4 different cities while I’m away for two of those weeks! Again so much to do, in a good way!

I’ll go more into detail about how I plan for a trip like this and how I make sure to do all the things to ease my anxiety so I can relax and enjoy my time away. FIY. The short answer is: Lists, but that’s a post for another day.

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