Why 100 days?

When I decided to start a blog to chronicle the DIY  renovation process of our current house I spent many hours thinking of the perfect name. My previous site was called The Condo Affairs which made sense while we were renovating our condo but I thought the new house deserved a fresh blog with its own name. After all, even from day one, I knew this renovation was going to be epic.

Completely separate from the blogging process, after we had closed on the house, I begin to envision what our life would look like in our new home. Sadly, with the house in its current state my vision looked more like a college apartment than a beautiful home for Ty and I. So, I picked out a few minor projects to complete ASAP to update the space and make it feel homey without getting into a massive renovation just yet.

We were set to get the keys near the end of September 2015 and arbitrarily I told myself I would be finished with these minor projects and have all the boxes unpacked by New Year’s Day. I don’t even know what make me count the actual number of days but from the day we got our keys to New Year’s Day 2016 was, you probably guessed, exactly 100 days.

On January 1st I sat down to write one of the first posts on the new blog and was astonished at how much I had accomplished in such a short amount of time. In 100 days I managed to turn our ugly outdated 1970’s Pink Ranch House into a place we could enjoy while we planned and saved for the “big renovation” that would happen later.

With a lot of hard work I was able to accomplish my goal of turning a once empty box into a home for my family in a short amount of time with a very small budget. At that moment, I knew I was on to something. If I can do it so can you. One can of paint, one picture frame, and one day at a time.

And that’s how 100 days to home was born.

I hope you enjoy.

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