Coffee + Shop Talk + 4.10.18

We’ve had so much going on lately sometimes it’s hard to know what day it is. Between getting home from a big vacation and taking another small trip two weeks later, rough I know, but I feel like I’ve barely had time to sit down let along unpack and do laundry. So right now, the idea of starting our next phase of the renovation seems like a joke. But I’m so excited to have this next phase of the house done but i guess in order to finish it, I have to start it first….

Next on our renovation agenda, the kitchen, which I’m calling “The Big Renovation.” Mostly because this is the biggest chunk we are going to tackle at once and this renovation kind of runs into all the other stuff we need to do in order to be 100% done.

Taking down the wall between the kitchen and living room has been a dream of mine since we moved in and I can’t believe how close we are to making it a reality. I’ve just got about a million other things to do in order to be prepared for demo. I have a crazy laundry list of things to do but I’m slowly working through my list.


Most recently, I’ve started getting rid of things out of the kitchen, so far I’ve made $24 by selling old home decor pieces on the Facebook Marketplace! Don’t worry, I won’t spend it all in one place. I’m planning to get rid of almost everything we own so having a few things gone is really just the tip of the iceberg but starting the process has been so refreshing. I am  a little weird and I think I’m one of the only people who actually enjoys the purge process. I can’t wait until it’s all gone and not piled in the dining room.

On this week’s calendar, I’m planning to box up some of the kitchen supplies I don’t use or have duplicated of and bring them to a few coworkers who just moved. I think it’s amazing a how quickly crap accumulates. I swear I just cleaned out all of our cabinets when we moved and now, just 2 years later, they seem to be full of stuff that I never use. And don’t even get me started on the pantry. Our pantry is rather large and always seems to be full but somehow we never have any food…it’s the weirdest thing. This is why pull out shelves are a must in the new kitchen.

Along with working on controlling the clutter I’ve been trying to plan specifics for the kitchen renovation. If you’ve ever done a remodel you know how many tiny details there are to think about. This weekend specifically, I sat down with Ty and did our lighting plan. It takes so much work to decide where light switches should go and the ideal placement of each can light, and that’s not even including picking out any actual light fixtures….this process can take me awhile but I don’t mind because it means lots of Pinterest and shopping. Aren’t these pretty though…my search might be over. 

Kitchen Lighting
Photo Credit:

Well, I think I’m in pretty good shape to start the kitchen renovation before summer gets here. I feel like that sounds really far away but I have a million things to do before we can even think about getting out the sledgehammer so it might be a good thing. My ideal date to start the is the first weekend in May but we’ll see if that actually happens…

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