Guest Room or Prison Cell?

When making design choices for a room I like to take inspiration from everywhere. When I started to imagine what our guest room would look like I wanted something calm and serene, a space where any house guest would feel welcome.

I decided to add a tiny bit of interest to the space by doing a two-tone paint job. White on the top and a light green/blue shade on the bottom. I didn’t want to make the space feel too formal so I decided not to use trim to break up the two shades, just a crisp line between the colors.


I am in love with how the colors turned out. I know it’s really hard to imagine this room complete, since it doesn’t have a door or floors or any other the usual components to a bedroom. But I can already picture a nice day bed on the back wall with art above, nice white linens and a cat curled up on the bed. Again, just a nice simple space for the occasional house guest.

A few weeks after we painted the room, Ty and I took a trip to San Francisco for his birthday. One thing on my sightseeing list was to tour Alcatraz. I think the history behind the prison is so fascinating and I feel like it’s a must see if you’re in town. (Unsolicited travel advice, if you’re in San Francisco-do the tour it’s worth every penny.)

But anyway, back to the story. We start the tour just like everyone else, you see the front office stuff first then make your way back to the cell blocks. As soon as I saw the cell-block where the infamous Al Capone was housed I stopped, got really wide eyed and asked Ty if the cell looked familiar.


That’s right we had just finished painting our guest room to look exactly like a prison cell at Alcatraz. I guess when I say you should take inspiration from everywhere I don’t really mean EVERYWHERE.



Our visit to “The Rock” didn’t change my love of our guest room paint colors so I think I’ll leave it for now. And since the room now reminds me of our amazing trip to San Francisco, I’ll think of the paint colors sort of like a souvenir. San Francisco is where Ty and I honeymooned almost 8 years ago so I’m very happy to have a little piece of a city that I love I my home. It’s a room I’m happy to share with any house guest we might have.


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