Coffee + Shop Talk + 04.20.2018

It’s time to sell, sell, sell. Sell my stuff that is, not my house. Let me explain… I am in the process of getting rid of basically everything but it’s so daunting. And when I say I’m getting rid of everything I really mean EVERYTHING. I am planning to keep our mattress that is in our master bedroom, our Dania Couch and of course our personal items like clothes and shoes. I am taking Marie Kondo to the extreme. But I have two reasons for this.

Once I am finished installing the kitchen cabinets, the next step will be to put in hardwood floors. I have decided to install real finish in place hardwood for the aesthetic and durability. That means having the entire house empty to have the floors sanded and finished after the planks have been installed. We don’t have an upstairs to do this in stages and the flooring through the entire house will be laid in one continuous pattern so there won’t be a good stopping point, if we wanted to do the rooms in stages. In the end, I think it will just be easier to move everything out and get it all done at one.

Also, currently everything that we have furnishing our house now is kind of a hodge-podge. The only furniture that I specifically picked out is the couch. Everything else is just a random collection of stuff that we have acquired over the years. I was just getting around to stylishly furnishing our condo before we decided to move. The only room that was really done was the dining room but that table and chair set looks tiny in our new huge dining room. It’s not worth it to me to store these random pieces and make them work in the new space. A sub-point to go along with this is about overall style. The look and feel of the house is much different that our condo and a lot of the pieces wouldn’t translate into the new space. I think it’s important to keep the style of the house in mind when decorating but that’s a whole other post.

For me it’s an overwhelming amount of stuff to go through and a big part of me wants to just take it to the thrift store and be done. But, I know there is enough money to be made selling it to make it worth my time. Slowly but surely I will have my house cleared out. The hardest part of this process has been not buy stuff for after the renovation!!! I see so much stuff that I want but that kind of defeats the purpose of getting rid of things….

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